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Thank you for helping me raise money for Free BIPOC Therapy.

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(I turned a typo into a fun game you can play on your phone!)

Below are a few frequently asked questions with their answers only a tap away!

Wait. Am I realy getting a t-shirt for ~$1?? Will I be charged?Yes! Whatever price you paid was the price for the Bumpsale, you can either pickup your t-shirt at the Your First Million Live conference in Los Angeles on April 10th or your t-shirt will be shipped.

OK. When will I get the t-shirt?The t-shirts are printed and on the UPS truck. You can either pick up your shirt at by the merch booth at Your First Million Live or it will be shipped.

What will the charge look like on my credit card statement?You will see a charge from BumpMerch for this purchase.

What do you mean by "Bumpsale for micropayments"?Micropayments is just one of the many creative and varied uses of Bumpsale. With the pricing starting at a $1 and the bump price set to .01, this could be used to sell affordable and large scale access to live streaming events.

Imagine a livestream concert from your favorite artist with 2000 online attendees or a business conference that gets livestreamed to 2000 stay at home entrepreneurs. With the pricing starting at $1 and increasing by .01 cent after each sale, the most any attendee would pay would be $20.99 and the artist or conference host would make over $20,000!

Hey, my question didn't get answered!First of all, that's not a question :) But seriously, feel free to email me directly at rodney@bumpsale.com with any questions you may have.

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